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Turbo PT with EMR Documentation integrates with Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) syncing patient information in your Turbo PT system with FOTO quickly and easily. Using Turbo PT with FOTO you will be able to determine your patients' functional status, report functional limitation G Codes and severity modifiers, and track outcomes.

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Turbo PT partners with industry leaders to offer a wide range of integrations to help improve efficiencies, reduce operating costs and deliver a more satisfying customer experience.

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Integration with Exercise Pro Live

Turbo PT offers its own built-in system of storing printed exercise programs for rehabilitation. Out of the box, Turbo comes with a few sample exercises to which therapist can add. Creating your own library of exercise programs for rehabilitation can take time. That's where Exercise Pro Live can help. Exercise Pro Live offers an enormous professional library of over 3000 evidence based exercise videos all in HD along with other printed exercise programs for rehabilitation and fitness. You can access Exercise Pro Live from directly within Turbo. Turbo PT customers get $15 off their first year sign-up fee with Exercise Pro Live. That is on top of other discounts Exercise Pro Live offers from time to time. To get your discount, please use the Coupon/Promo Code TurboPT or click one of the links below.

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